About LostPaws


LostPaws is a free online community project dedicated to helping abandoned animals find a home and reuniting lost pets with their owners.



Every year thousands of healthy lost, abandoned and stray animals are put to sleep. Pet adoption and education is a vital part of the solution to reducing the unnecessary loss of animal lives. However, current efforts are fragmented and piecemeal, and there are insufficient channels to help support the rehoming needs of various animal welfare groups and private pet owners.

Join us in our mission is to support the immediate rehoming needs of welfare groups and the education of the public on responsible pet ownership.

Our Strategy

By bringing together multiple animal welfare groups and involving local businesses and community partners to create awareness and exposure, we aim to create a one-stop pet adoption and missing pets portal. Be part of our network... Join our Neighbourhood Watch!


A special thanks to Nicholas from Furry Photos for some of the beautiful images used on this site. For more great pet photography, please visit www.furry-photos.com

In loving memory of Toffee, Boo and Miu Miu.