Adopting a pet

Give a homeless animal a second chance. Consider adopting a homeless animal from an animal welfare organization or from someone fostering a pet, instead of running down to the nearest pet shop. Whether you want a puppy or a more mature dog, a purebred or a mixed-breed, even a rabbit or a hamster, animal welfare groups do offer a wide variety of pets for adoption.

In addition, the animals have all been screened for good health and behaviour and are also sterilized. These animal welfaregroups also endeavour to match pets to potential owners and offer advice and information to help guide and support adopters. Though not free, the expenses you incur in adopting a pet go towards paying for the medical needs (e.g. sterilisation, deworming, vaccination) of the animal and the administrative cost of the adoption. Purchasing a pet from a petshop can be a much more costly affair.

Why adopt a pet?
Homeless stray animals do not have a good life. It is estimated that a stray dog or cat lives an average of 2-3 years whereas one kept as a pet can live up to 20 years. If strays or abandoned pets do not find a home, they will be euthanised or put down humanely. There are far more animals than there are homes for them. Adopting a pet saves a life and would help minimise the stray problem.

Why adopt an older pet?
By taking home an older pet, the adopter can avoid undesirable surprises later, as the personality, size and appearance of the pet can be assured. In addition, the pet may already be toilet trained and have other basic training.

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