Get Involved

Love to make a difference but unable to adopt a pet? There are other ways to chip in to help our furry friends.


Join the LostPaws Neighbourhood Watch

As part of the LostPaws Neighbourhood Watch, we'll keep you informed of any missing pets in your neighbourhood so you can help keep an eye out. Just fill up the form below with your details.

Own a business or website?

Contact us to be a Community Partner. We have weekly adoption newsletters and web banners available that you can use to help promote LostPaws. Email us at [email protected].  

Lend us your voice

Tell your family, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, colleagues and acquaintances about LostPaws. If they're looking for a pet, suggest adopting a pet and send them over to LostPaws. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ and help spread the word. Every extra voice counts!