Golden Retriever

About Boston

Hi, i have a 13 years old GR, named Boston up for adoption. My family will be relocating to another country and due to Boston's, we decided not to relocate him. Boston is a well mannered dog with affectionate temperament. He will sit besides us when we watch TV and basically sleeps most of the time. Boston is blind and have poor hearing. He relies heavily on his senses to get around. Due to that reason and old age, we feel that it would be too stressful to put him on a long flight. Other than that, Boston is a fuss-free dog. He eats one meal a day and poos twice a day. He is toilet-trained, only relieves himself when he is outside the house. We really hope to find Boston a good home for whatever remaining time he has. Please contact me via email or hp if you are keen to know more about Boston.

Age Young
HDB Approved Yes
Size Large
Neutered Not Sure
Vaccinated Not Sure

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