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About Milo

Milo is a vibrant, playful, and attention seeking doggy who LOVES to eat (although she's quite thin genetically), play with all kinds of people, and stay active whether it's through running around at home or in a field of grass! Although she is quite the anxious doggo sometimes around new people she just met, she warms up to them within a couple of minutes of getting to know them. She is incredibly well behaved and does not EVER "do her personal business" inside the house. She also loves to cuddle and play with rope type toys! She knows the basic commands and is very easy to teach new rules to. For example, she can sit (whenever you ask her to - most of the time inside or even outside the house), lay down, stay, and stop barking when you tell her to stop. She is overall a very loveable doggy and I wish with all my heart that my family could keep her but sadly I am off to college in less than 2 months and my family will be unable to take care of this precious puppy due to work and traveling reasons. PLEASE feel free to send me a message or ring me a call if you have ANY questions or inquiries about Milo! Thank you all, Celine Fan

Age Young
HDB Approved Yes
Size Medium
Neutered Not Sure
Vaccinated Not Sure

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