Domestic short hair

About Bobby

Bobby belonged to my wife, and now that she has returned to Australia, it is just Bobby and me in the apartment. I am He clearly likes to be around people, not the lap-cat type, but just being around and watching, playing and entertaining. Like all cats, he does a lot if sleeping, but it is clear that he is unhappy being alone a great deal of the time, given my long work hours and constant travel (I have kind neighbours that feed him while I am away). Shortly I will be moving, and I am not allowed to bring him with me, so all of the factors seem to be pointing to rehoming for him. He is a fun and easy cat and is used to spending 100% of the time indoors.
He is also intelligent - I have taught him to sit on his blue chair while he waits for me to get his wet food. I want a good family for him, he deserves more than he gets now.

This is a cat with heaps of personality and fun, people say he is a little like a dog with his funny behaviours. Please help me find him a good home.

Age Young
HDB Approved Yes
Size Medium
Neutered Yes
Color Medium Brown
Vaccinated Yes

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